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by Stephen T. Naylor
Trisiras was the son of the Brahman Tvashtri. He had three heads. With one head he constantly read the Vedas, with the second he took in nourishment, and with the third he observed all that was happening around him. He daily increased his power, and Indra grew wary of him, fearing that he would eventually absorb all of the universe. Indra sent the most beautiful women from the heavens to seduce the ascetic, but he ignored them, continuing his studies. Indra grew desperate and decided to kill the youth, sending his thunderbolt down. This still did not alleviate Indra's fears, for the body still radiated a divine light. Finally, Indra ordered a wood cutter to remove Trisiras' three heads. Tvashtri was enraged by Indra's actions, and created the demon Vritra to avenge his son's death.

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