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by Stephen T. Naylor
Tvashtri is the artisan god of Hindu myth. He is the giver of life, forming husband and wife when they are born. He was the son of Adita and the father of Surya, the sun god. He created the three worlds with the shavings from the sun. It was he who built the heavens of Yama, Indra, and Varuna. He also crafts the weapons and tools of the gods, most notably Indra's thunderbolt Vajra. He created the moon to be the cup which held the divine drink Soma.

Tvashtri is also referred to as a Brahman who wished to dislodge Indra from his throne. To do this he instilled upon his son Trisiras some of his power. When Indra slew Trisiras, Tvashtri created the demon Vritra to exact his revenge.

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