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Twm Shon Catti

by Micha F. Lindemans
In the 16th century there was a man named Twm Shon Catti, also known as the Welsh Robin Hood (born about 1530). Known as a villain to most, he is hailed as a hero by most of the locals of the remote village of Rhandirmwyn. Often he hid from the Sheriff of Carmarthen in the slopes of the thickly wooded and boulder strewn slopes of Dinas Hill. The most prevalent of his legends is that he avoided maiming his enemy by placing a well shot arrow that pinned his nemesis to his saddle. Twm's hideout is widely known as a cave that resides in the slopes directly above a rocky gorge through which the Twyi flows at an extremely dangerous pace. To this day the cave is still quite difficult to locate. It is said that he eventually married an heiress and ended up as a squire and magistrate.

He is mentioned in George Borrow's Wild Wales.

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  • Pronunciation:
    toom shon kat'i

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