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by Rabbi Geoffrey W. Dennis
A luminous gemstone holding the primordial light of creation. Those who possessed it not only had illumination, but access to the secrets of the Torah and all its powers. God created it, but then hid it away for the sole use of the righteous. The angel Raziel gave it to Adam after the Fall. Adam gave to his children. Noah used it to illumine the Ark (Gen. 6:16). Abraham possessed this stone, and used it heal all who came to him. According to one legend, he returned to heaven and hung it on the sun. But other traditions track its continued use by the righteous of each generation. Joseph used it for his dream interpretations. Moses recovered it from the Bone of Joseph and placed it in the Tabernacle. Zohar claims that Ben Yochai possessed it in the Rabbinic era (B. B. 16b; Lev. R. 11; Gen. R 31:11; Zohar I:11; Otzer ha-Midrash).

Article copyright 2004 Geoffrey Dennis.

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