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by Almut Wille
Uathach ("terrible one") is the daughter of Scathach and fellow teacher at her school for warriors. When she meets the hero Cuchulainn, she immediately fancies him, but is put off by her mother, who wants him first for herself. When she makes advances to him, stroking his hair, Cuchulainn gets angry and breaks one of her fingers. Cochor Crufe, one of Scathach's warriors, tries to avenge her, but is slain by Cuchulainn. Scathach treats Cuchulainn like a servant because of this, but Uathach nevertheless teaches Cuchulainn a "cles" (special martial feat) named "leap of the salmon" which he can use to enter the yew where Scathach trains her sons in secret martial arts, under the condition of getting her mother to grant and fulfill three wishes, one of them being to marry her.

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  • Etymology:
    terrible one

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