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by Chris Black, Clarksville Middle School
Among the tribes of central Asia, Ulgan was said to have created the world. He made the world in the shape of a disc, which three fish supported on their backs. One fish was assigned to the east, one to the west, and one in the center. When he created the earth, it was only water, so he was puzzled because he did not know where to start. Then Man appeared. Man said that he had come to create the earth also, and to live beside Ulgan. Ulgan was angry, so he told Man that if he was so clever and great, to find a piece of earth-matter. Man searched high and low for anything that was not made of water, but he found nothing. Man then decided to look under the water. He turned himself into a duck, and dived into the water. He searched very hard and finally came to the surface with a piece of earth in his mouth. Ulgan made Man give him half which he made dry land, mountains, trees, and plants with. He also created animals to inhabit this land. Man was greedy, so he kept his half in his mouth. Ulgan saw the world as unfinished, so he made Man spit out the earth-matter in his mouth which became swamps and marshes. Man later became Erlik, the devil, and lord of the of the dead, while Ulgan was lord of the living.

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