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by Micha F. Lindemans
The wife of Hema and mother of Tawhaki and Karihi. The Ponaturi, semi-spirits, killed her husband but saved her, having her stay outside the house. She hid her sons until nightfall when they saw the Ponaturi arrive, flying in from the sea, thousands of them. They all piled up in the house and went to sleep there. When no more came, Urutonga told her sons to close every opening and crack in the house. When they finished, dawn was approaching. The Ponaturi chief asked Urutonga if it was dawn yet, but she replied that it was not. This went on until the sun rose. Then the two brothers opened the door of the house, and all the Ponaturi died in the bright sun rays, except Kanae, who became a flying fish, and Tonga-Hiti, the head-ache demon.

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