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Privacy Statement

Privacy is a important issue, especially on the internet, and on this page you will find answers to the following questions regarding this website's privacy statement.

  1. What information is collected about me when I visit this website and how is that information used?
    The only information received is what you voluntarily send through email; during your stay, there is no personal information collected. As with most websites, access to the site is logged and it is used to improve the website. This data contains, for instance, the average time online, number of hits and page views, the type and version of browsers, the most and least visited sections, etc. It is, however, anonymous.
  2. Do you share any information about me with third parties?
    No. Period. Information will never be given to anyone else.
  3. Will I receive unsolicited email as a result of visiting the Encyclopedia Mythica?
    No. When you send an email, you may receive a reply, such as an answer to a question or a confirmation, but nothing else. Your email address will under no circumstance be given to third parties.
  4. Does this website use cookies?
    When you visit the site you can chose a font size and/or a different style sheet. These choices are stored in a cookie so that on each subsequent page you visit, your preferences will be loaded. Futher, there is the mythology quiz which uses cookies so that when you take the quiz, you will not be given the same question twice. Other usages of cookies are rating an article and the web polls; this is to prevent visitors from rating the same article or voting for the same poll twice.