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What's new?

Here you will find an overview of the recent changes and additions to the Encyclopedia Mythica.

Contributors neededWednesday, 26 August 2009
To make this encyclopedia a vast resource for everything related to mythology, folklore, and religion, I need more contributors. I am looking for experts who would like to write about any of the following categories: Hindu mythology and religion, Chinese mythology, Anatolian mythology (Hattian, Hittite, Hurrian, Luwian, Phrygian, and Urartian), Arabian/Islamic mythology and religion, Syrian mythology (Amorite, Hurrian, Ugaritic, Phoenician, Aramaic, and Moabite), and Tibetan mythology.

If you like to help, please contact me through the contact form.

ProgressWednesday, 26 August 2009
I'm nearing the 15,000 articles mark with only a couple of hundred more articles to go. Once that target is reached I will do a massive recheck (grammar, links, removing duplicate entries and merging others, etc.). If all goes to plan the new and updated Encyclopedia Mythica will go online on January 1, 2010. Since I'm fully concentrating on the new version, no more updates will be made on the online version.
BTW, 2010 will mark the 15th anniversary of the encyclopedia.

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