Agenor (disambiguation)

  1. Agenor
    The king of Tyre, son of Poseidon. His descendants, among whom are Europa, Cadmus, Phoenix, and Cilix, are known as Agenorides.
    In: Greek people
  2. Agenor
    A son of the Trojan Antenor and Theano, the priestess of Athena. He appears in the Iliad as one of the bravest of the Trojans.
    In: Greek people
  3. Agenor
    A son of Pleuron and Xanthippe. By Epicaste, the daughter of Calydon, he is the father of Porthaon and Demodice.
    In: Greek people
  4. Agenor
    The son of Aegyptus by an Arabian woman. He married Cleopatra.
    In: Greek people
  5. Agenor
    A son of Iasus, and father of Argus Panoptes, king of Argos. Agenor was a son of Phoroneus, and brother of Iasus and Pelasgus.
    In: Greek people
  6. Agenor
    The son and successor of Triopas, in the kingdom of Argos. He belonged to the house of Phoroneus, and was father of Crotopus.
    In: Greek people
  7. Agenor
    A son of Phegeus, king of Psophis, in Arcadia. He was brother of Pronous and Arsinoƫ.
    In: Greek people

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