Iphinoe (disambiguation)

  1. Iphinoe
    One of the Proetides, the daughters of Proetus and Stheneboea. She is also called Hipponoe.
    In: Greek people
  2. Iphinoe
    According to some, the wife of Metion and mother of Daedalus.
    In: Greek people
  3. Iphinoe
    The daughter of Antaeus. She is the mother of Palaemon by Heracles. She is also called Autonoƫ, daughter of Pireus.
    In: Greek people
  4. Iphinoe
    A daughter of Nisus, and the wife of Megareus.
    In: Greek people
  5. Iphinoe
    A daughter of Alcathous, who died a virgin.
    In: Greek people
  6. Iphinoe
    One of the Lemnian women who received the Argonauts on their arrival in Lemnos.
    In: Greek people

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