Makara (disambiguation)

  1. Makara
    A dragon-like monster that can be found sculpted over the gateways of Javanese and Balinese and Thai temples and shrines.
    In: General folklore
  2. Makara
    The Pleiades. The Makara are the Seven Sisters, the Ice Maidens, the beautiful wives of the men of Orion.
    In: Aboriginal mythology
  3. Makara
    A sea-creature, half animal and half fish, that serves as the vahana (vehicle) of the goddess Gaṅgā and of the god Varuna.
  4. Makara
    A god who controls the tides.
    In: Māori mythology
  5. Makara
    The child of Tāwhiri-mā-tea and Pu-te-hue, who married Rotua. Their progeny were Hine-nui-te-pō, Mahuika, and Hine-i-tapeka.
    In: Māori mythology

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