Miru (disambiguation)

  1. Miru
    Also called Mery. The goddess of the lowest three underworlds. Her abode is Tatau-o-te-pō at the foot of Cape Reinga.
    In: Māori mythology
  2. Miru
    On Mangaia, Miru, also known as Miru-kura, is the cannibalistic goddess of the underworld.
  3. Miru
    A god of night and of the souls of the dead on Paumotu (Tuamotus). On Rarotonga she is a female deity — the mother of Tau-titi.
  4. Miru
    On Mangareva, the god of the night world.
  5. Miru
    On Rapa Nui, the name for sorcerers who can increase the food supply by making chickens lay eggs.

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