Nana (disambiguation)

  1. Nana
    The daughter of the Phrygian river god Sangarius. She is the mother of Attis.
    In: Greek mythology
  2. Nanâ
    The consort of Nebo at Borsippa. She appears as a form of Ištar, and is worshiped with her father Anu at Erech.
  3. Nana
    A mother goddess of pre-Christian Armenia. Her cult was widespread and she may be equated with Cybele.
  4. Nanã
    In Candomblé Ketu, the Orisha of marshes and death. Nanã is depicted as an very old woman, older than creation itself.
  5. Nana
    Steadfast-gaze, one of the artisans of Ta'aroa (Kanaloa) in the Tahitian creation chant.

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