Papa (disambiguation)

  1. Papa
    The Earth, the Great Mother. She was the wife of Rangi, the Sky. They were forced apart by their children.
    In: Māori mythology
  2. Papa
    The omnipotent and omniscient creator of all things. He is a stern and unforgiving deity.
  3. Papa
    In a Samoan story, a woman born without a vagina. Her husband drew a vagina on a shark's tooth and she bore a son.
  4. Papa
    The daughter of Timātekore and his wife Timaiti-Ngava Ringavari. Papa visited the great deity Vātea in his dreams.
  5. Papa
    One of the wives of Tāne, who begat by her the kiwi. This bird is often alluded to in myth and song as 'the hidden bird of Tāne.
    In: Māori mythology

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