tama (disambiguation)

  1. tama
    The spirit or soul (tamashii), which has both good and bad aspects (Shintō).
  2. tama
    A forest creature whose feet are inverted. They point backward so that forest trekkers are waylaid.
    In: General folklore
  3. Tama
    A spirit who owns the deer and wild pigs. Hunters offer betel nuts to this spirit before hunting or setting traps in the forest.
    In: Philippine mythology
  4. Tama
    A god who healed men who had fallen from trees or who had been bitten by sharks.
  5. Tama
    A god of surgery who is invoked also in fractures, bruises, dislocations, etc.
  6. Tama
    The thunder deity, an important culture hero and shaman. He retired to a lake in the mountains. He is associated with weather.

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