Thoas (disambiguation)

  1. Thoas
    One of the sons of the wine god Dionysus and his wife Ariadne. He became the king of Lemnos and later of Tauris.
    In: Greek people
  2. Thoas
    The son of Andraemon and Gorge. He was the king of Calydon and Pleuron in Aetolia. He led the Aetolians to fight at Troy.
    In: Greek people
  3. Thoas
    A companion of Odysseus. He was one of the men who entered Troy hidden in the Trojan horse.
    In: Greek people
  4. Thoas
    The son of Jason and Hypsipyle, and the brother of Euneus. He was originally named Nebrophon but was called Thoas the Younger.
    In: Greek people
  5. Thoas
    A Trojan who was killed in combat by Menelaus.
    In: Greek people
  6. Thoas
    One of three Athenian brothers who took a part in the expedition that Theseus made to the land of the Amazons.
    In: Greek people
  7. Thoas
    The younger son of Ornytion or Ornytus, and the grandson of Sisyphus. He remained behind at Corinth.
    In: Greek people
  8. Thoas
    A son of Borysthenes, and king of Tyrins, into whose dominions Iphigeneia was carried by Artemis.
    In: Greek people
  9. Thoas
    A son of Icarius and Periboea, and a brother of Penelope.
    In: Greek people

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