Tūna (disambiguation)

  1. Tūna
    In the Tuamotuan stories, a giant eel, the husband of the goddess Hina. They lived together at the bottom of the sea.
  2. Tūna
    A deity, son of Manga-wai-roa. He descended to earth because of a drought in heaven. He was met by Tāwhaki, who was ascending.
    In: Māori mythology
  3. Tūna
    The son of Maru-te-whare-aitu, and brother of Koiro. He killed two of the children of Māui, and was slain by that hero.
    In: Māori mythology
  4. Tuna
    In Mangaia, Tuna is said to have been an enormous eel, who was the lover of Ina-moe-aitu, the daughter of Kui the Blind.

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