by Charles La Shure

The sun god, son of the god of heaven, father of Chumong. Riding in his chariot, Oryonggeo, he descended from the heavens in the morning to hear the affairs of the people. When evening came, he ascended back into heaven. This descension/ascension cycle represents the rising and setting of the sun.

Haemosu desired to take the three daughters of Habaek, a water deity, but only succeeded in taking the eldest, Yuhwa. When Habaek heard of this he was enraged that Haemosu did not follow the proper ceremony of marriage and brought disgrace to his house. An official ceremony was held, but the girl escaped before Haemosu could return to heaven. He later impregnated her through a ray of sunlight while she was in the king's household, and the child she bore was Chumong.