Mindiú Qúbun Iryil Noyon Tongkói

The son of Mélûk Shin, born after his mother swallowed a hailstone containing the spirit of one of the fifty-five tngri. He lived for three hundred years. He established the Buryat religion, gave them all their prayers, and told them of their gods.

Mindiú chose and consecrated the first one hundred and seventy-six shamans, ninety-nine males and seventy-seven females. In a sense he himself was the first shaman. He taught them how to offer sacrifices. He also commanded to pray to Delquen Sagán, to Tabin Tabung, to the fifty-five tngri, to the forty-four tngri, — to heavenly spirits only.

All things are asked of him. He is very kindly and grants many prayers.


Mindiú's portrait is always made of skunk skin.



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