Antiope (disambiguation)

  1. Antiope
    A Theban princess, the daughter of Nycteus. She is the mother, by Zeus, of the twin brothers Amphion and Zethus.
    In: Greek people
  2. Antiope
    An Amazon, the sister of Hippolyte. She was abducted by Theseus and became by him the mother of Hippolytus.
    In: Greek people
  3. Antiope
    A daughter of Pylon (Pylaeon). She was the wife of Eurytus and is by him the mother of Iphitus and Clytius.
    In: Greek people
  4. Antiope
    The daughter of Aeolus. By Poseidon she is the mother of Boeotus and Hellen. Diodorus calls her Arne.
    In: Greek people
  5. Antiope
    One of the Thespiades. By Heracles she became the mother of Alopius.
    In: Greek people

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