Eurynome (disambiguation)

  1. Eurynome
    A daughter of Oceanus. When Hephaestus was expelled by Hera from Olympus, Eurynome and Thetis received him.
    In: Greek mythology
  2. Eurynome
    The servant of Penelope. She washed and anointed Odysseus in his own house when he returned after his long absence.
    In: Greek people
  3. Eurynome
    The daughter of Proteus, according to Zenodotus.
    In: Greek people
  4. Eurynome
    A surname of Artemis at Phigalea in Arcadia.
    In: Greek mythology
  5. Eurynome
    A daughter of Nysus. She is the mother of Bellerophon by Poseidon. His mother is usually called Eurymede.
    In: Greek people
  6. Eurynome
    The mother of Adrastus by Talaus, according to Hyginus. Usually, his mother is called Lysimache.
    In: Greek people
  7. Eurynome
    A daughter of Iphitus. She is the mother of Agenor by Talaus, although more commonly Libya is mentioned as his mother.
    In: Greek people
  8. Eurynome
    The wife of Lycurgus, son of Aleus and Neaera, and by him the mother of Amphidamas, Ancaeus, Epochus, and Iasis.
    In: Greek people
  9. Eurynome
    The wife of the Babylonian king Orchamus. She is the mother of Leucothoe, who was loved by Helios.
    In: Greek people

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