Eurypylus (disambiguation)

  1. Eurypylus
    A son of Euaemon and Ops. He appears in the different traditions as a hero of Ormenion, or Hyria, or as a king of Cyrene.
    In: Greek people
  2. Eurypylus
    The son of Telephus and Astyoche, ally of the Trojans. He was killed by Neoptolemus.
    In: Greek people
  3. Eurypylus
    A son of Thestius, and the brother of Althaea. He was killed by Meleager during the Calydonian Hunt for insulting Atalanta.
    In: Greek people
  4. Eurypylus
    A son of Poseidon and Astypalaea, was king of Cos, and was killed by Heracles who on his return from Troy landed in Cos.
    In: Greek people

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