Evadne (disambiguation)

  1. Evadne
    A naiad, daughter of the Thracian river god Strymon. By king Argus she became the mother of Criasus, Ecbasus, and Epidaurus.
    In: Greek mythology
  2. Evadne
    The daughter of Iphis. She was the wife of Capaneus and upon his death threw herself on his funeral pyre.
    In: Greek people
  3. Evadne
    A nymph of Arcadia, the daughter of Poseidon and Pitane. She was brought up by the Arcadian king Aepytus.
    In: Greek mythology
  4. Evadne
    Evadne was one of the Peliades, the daughters of Pelias. She was married to Canes, the son of Cephalus.
    In: Greek people

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