Tū (disambiguation)

  1. The war god; to him all war-parties were sacred, and his terrible name was held in the utmost awe and sanctity.
    In: Māori mythology

  2. 'Stand,' a Samoan war god who was said to never sit down. He was incarnate in the rail bird.

  3. A great god of Mangareva, mentioned in all the religious cults. He is the god of peace and of the breadfruit.
  4. Tu
    On the Chatham Islands, the god of war as well as a shark god.

  5. In the Tuamotus, the god of war, descendant of Puipui-ei and Puipui-kua.

  6. The god of the north, and a god agriculture and the harvest. He is also a god of friendship as well as of war.

  7. The chief artisan of Ta'aroa in the creation. In more recent times his dominant position was usurped by a new god called 'Oro.

  8. A descendant of Rangi and Papa-tū-a-nuku. He is the child of Tawhiti, and parent of Te-kū.
    In: Māori mythology

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