Tupūa (disambiguation)

  1. Tupūa
    One of the original creator gods of Tuamotuan mythology. He is said to have been the first sorcerer.
  2. Tupua
    A word to designate the deified spirits of chiefs who are supposed to well in Pulotu, the Samoan underworld.
  3. Tupua
    On Futuna, the name of a star god.
  4. tupua
    The name for a goblin, a fairy, a monster, a demon.
    In: Māori mythology
  5. Tupua
    A child of Rangi and Papa-tū-a-nuku. He and the other descendants of Rangi were taken and lifted up to become eyes for heaven.
    In: Māori mythology
  6. tupua
    On Tahiti, a charmer; one that could defend himself against the arts of a sorcerer.

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