by Gerald Musinsky

"He Who Does Everything," also known as the "First Doer" (Ichikbaaale), is central to Crow Creation mythology. He is responsible for the spiritual power of transformation. He is the equivalent of "Old Man" (Isaahka), "Old Man Coyote" (Isaahkawuattee), "The One Above" (Baakukkule), etc.

In earlier times the Crow concept of the supreme being was expressed by the term Bahkoore-Mahishtsedah, literally "Above Keep His Eyes Yellow," but more freely translated as "The Above Person With the Yellow Eyes," "The Great Above Person," or "The White Man Above." Mahishtsedah, "His Eyes Yellow," is the Crow name for the white man. Hence the translation "White Man Above."

A still earlier name for the supreme being is Eehtreshbohedish, meaning "Starter of All Things," commonly translated "First Worker." It was First Worker who created the earth and gave to all things, organic and inorganic, a purpose and a power.

See also Wakan Tanka.



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