The highest and most powerful deity of the Bukidnon. He is the creator who lives in a house made of coins, high in the sky. The house is windowless, as to see him causes all — men or objects — to dissolve into water. He is also invoked not to be angry on the clearing of the land and is associated with the west wind. His name is never used in conversation and is only taught to the new baylan after a long period of probation.

As the creator he is usually called Migloginsal or Agobinsal. He is also addressed as Lintowangan nanlimlag diwata nangaroyan balos sa nanggantian, "the spirit who made trees, stones and people," or simply as Diwata Magbabáya or Apo, "Sir."

Magbabáya is also the name of a subdivision of spirits, see Alabyánon.



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