A god of war of the Ifugao. He is the "Deceiver" who betrays men into danger from enemies, and who leads them into various kinds of violent or insidious death. He is said to coax away men's souls. The god is also involved in divination to determine the cause of disease, to find lost property and to detect thieves.

Manahaut is the husband of the war goddess Bugan inManahaut. His sons are Ablatan, Badowado, Doko, Halangob, Halibongbong, Halimudat, Halimudong, Hoba, Kumkumti, Kuyub, Lobag, Magdal, Mombolboldang, Mondauwat, Monwiwik, and Panbongan — and these are all associated with war and/or sorcery.



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