Ocyrrhoe (disambiguation)

  1. Ocyrrhoe
    'Fast-flowing.' A Naiad, the daughter of the river god Imbrasus on the island of Samos. She was pursued by Apollo.
    In: Greek mythology
  2. Ocyrrhoe
    One of the Oceanides. She was loved by Helios and she bore him a son, Phasis.
    In: Greek mythology
  3. Ocyrrhoe
    A nymph, the daughter of Chiron and Chariclo. She was named after the river where she was born.
    In: Greek mythology
  4. Ocyrrhoe
    'Fast-flowing.' A naiad of Mysia, daughter of Caecus, who was loved by Hermes. She bore him a son also named Caecus.
    In: Greek mythology
  5. Ocyrrhoe
    A nymph, 'with the face of a flower.' She was one of the playmates of Persephone.
    In: Greek mythology

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