The Rockman, the living spirit of all the rocks. He and Old Man Coyote were the first people on earth after it was created by First Worker.

"Batseesh wandered all over the earth in search of a mate, but could not find one. When he met Old Man Coyote and told him his troubles, Old Man Coyote advised him to go to the tobacco plant. He said there were seeds inside the husk of that plant that were females, but they could not leave the husk without assistance. So Batseesh went to the tobacco plant, entered the husk and found a mate whom he married and took with him.

"Old Man Coyote built a tipi. There Batseesh, the Rockman, and his wife, the tobacco plant, as well as Old Man Coyote and a mouse, who was the personification of Old Grandmother, the Moon, all lived together. One day Old Man Coyote told his companions he would have to play a shinny game with two strangers who were coming their way. He also said that if he lost this game they all would be killed; if he won they would continue to live together. Old Man Coyote won the game. So Batseesh, the Rockman, and the tobacco plant continued to live on together. They mated and from their progeny descended the people who now live on this earth."



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