Cannibal Grandmother

by Gerald Musinsky

Cannibal Grandmother did not prefer the meat of deer and buffalo but the soft tender flesh of humans. She lived in the desert with a boy and four ravenous dogs. The boy hunted humans with a magic bow — a black snake — to provide her with meat. He felt sorry for the humans and pleaded with Cannibal Grandmother to stop eating human flesh. Finally she is persuaded to set her dogs free except one, Afraid of Nothing.

While away the boy seeks long to find any buffalo who have held council against him and Cannibal Grandmother for her carnivorous ways. The mate of the dead buffalo takes him to the buffalo village where he wins many contests before they try to kill him. Escaping up a tree, Cannibal Grandmother hears his cries for help and releases Afraid of Nothing, chasing away the buffalo attackers. The boy finally persuades Cannibal grandmother to desist her diet of human flesh, gives her a bag of seeds and sends her to the north country.

Old Cannibal Grandmother's offspring are the farmers and the boy goes south and becomes a great warrior, his offspring never plant seeds.

See also Cannibal Mother and Cannibal Woman.