Cannibal Woman

by Gerald Musinsky

Cannibal Woman originated from a domestic narrative of the wife who, while preparing meat, feeds herself but offers naught to her husband's dogs. The powerful medicine of the dogs (orenda) makes her slice her finger instead of meat. She sucks the blood to stop the bleeding and likes the taste of blood so much that she continues to slice her fingers and suck the blood out of each one. Not satisfied, she also cuts away her flesh. Still not satisfied, she kills and eats her young child.

The dogs warn the husband prior his return and they find shelter with two elders who adopt the man as their own. Owing to the loyalty of the dogs, affection toward dogs receives great power. Dogs know all what is said but lack the power of speech. Cruelty to dogs causes reciprocal harm.

See also Cannibal Mother and Cannibal Grandmother.