"Old Age." The name of an old crone with whom Thor wrestled in Útgarða-Loki's court.

During Thor's visit to Útgarða-Loki's court, the giant asked him what feats there were which he might want to show them. Thor answered that he would contend with any in drinking. He was brought a large drinking-horn, but he was unable to drain it. Next he attempted to lift Útgarða-Loki's gray cat, but again he failed. Thor then challenged any to come up and wrestle with him. Útgarða-Loki said that all the men in the hall would find it a disgrace to wrestle with such a little man. Instead, the giant suggested that Thor first wrestle with Elli, Útgarða-Loki's old nurse, who had defeated men no less strong than Thor.

Straightaway there came into the hall an old woman, stricken in years. Thor and Elli grappled with each other, but the harder Thor strove in his gripping, the faster the old woman stood; then she grabbed him and Thor became wobbly on his feet. She forced Thor onto one knee, and Útgarða-Loki bade them to cease the match, saying that Thor should not need to challenge more men since he was unable to defeat an old woman.

Útgarða-Loki later revealed to Thor that he had wrestled with Old Age, and that his performance was extraordinary, for Old Age could only make him kneel.



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