Glaistig of Baugh

The glaistig who for seven years superintended the cattle of the tenants of this farm. A place on the farm is still called Glaistig's Bed, where she died by falling into the gap of a dyke. She was seldom seen, but was often heard, particularly when driving out the horses to pasture. She prepared food for herself by dragging a bunch of eels through the fireplace of a kiln used for preparing corn for the hand-mill. One night, when engaged at this work with Goean (i.e. a perky little fellow), her son as is supposed, someone came behind and gave her a rap on her head. They both fled, and as they were going, Goean was overheard saying to his mother, Your grey old pate has been rapped, but see that you have the bunch of eels.

This glaistig is said to have been a thin sallow-looking little woman, with ringletted yellow hair that reached down to her heel, and short legs.



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