Glaistig of Sron-Charmaig

The glaistig attached to a house on Loch Faschan-side in Lorne, also known as Nic-ille-mhìcheil (i.e., a woman of the surname Carmichael). She was said to have been a former mistress of the house. The glaistig lived in a ravine, called Eas-ronaich, near the mansion, and when any misfortune was about to befall the family set up a loud wailing. On sunny days she was to be basking on the top of Creag Grianach (Sunny Rock).

Before the old house was leveled, and the new mansion was built, she set up an unusually loud wailing, and then left. Fully a year before the event, she seemed greatly disturbed: at night, after people had gone to bed, she was heard going up and down the stairs and moving tables and chairs.

Locals claimed to have encountered Nic-ille-mhìcheil, either in the form of a grey sheep, or as a woman dressed in green.



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