In Manx folklore, big powerful beings, very hairy and shaggy and with a dark complexion. They disdain wearing clothes. Apparently there are two distinct types: the semi-domesticated glashan and the wild glashan. The first attaches himself to a farmer and his stead and assists him in his labor. They are considered very stupid and clumsy. The wild glashan is sullen and savage, and prefers the lonely glens, moorlands, and caves.

The semi-domesticated glashans are found in North Barrule, where they gather and drive in the straggling sheep; in Ballachrink, where they thresh; and in Bradda, where they dry grain in the kiln.

The wild glashans of the North are said to be savage women snatchers. In Glen Narradale they are big, silent unclad fellows who, dog-like, follow the farmer; and at Ballachrink, where the local glashans are thrown into contact with a number of alien glashans.



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