"Earth." A giantess, the earth personified. She is by Odin the mother of Thor. Snorri Sturluson in Gylfaginning 9 says of Odin that the Earth was his daughter and his wife; on her he begot the first son, which is Ása-Thor, yet in the next chapter he makes Jörð a daughter of Nótt by Annar. In Gylfaginning 36, Snorri reckons Jörð and Rindr, another giantess, among the Ásynjur.

Snorri says that valid kennings for the earth are Flesh of Ymir, Mother of Thor, Daughter of Anarr and Daughter of Night, Wife of Odin and Odin's Bride, Sister of Auðr and of Day, etc. Thor is periphrased as Son of Odin and Jörd and Jörd's Son.

In skaldic poetry the earth is frequently called Jörð.



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