A powerful being who dwells in the great fissure of Mount Apo, together with his wife Darago. They control the fate of warriors and bring success in battle, giving the victors loot and slaves. In return for these favors the couple demands, at certain times, the sacrifice of a slave. Failure to make these sacrifices will lead to dissent, disaster, and death. Each year in December the people are reminded of their obligation by the appearance in the sky of a constellation known as the Balatik (Orion).

To come under the protection of Mandarangan and Darago, a man must have taken at least two human lives. The manganī, or war leader, is under their special protection and all petitions to these two spirits must be made through him. Since the intentions of Mandarangan and Darago are evil, only the utmost care on the part of the manganī can prevent them from causing quarrels and dessentions among the people, or even actually devouring them.



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