The Pleiades, the Seven Sisters who were the custodians of a special treasure, the gift of fire, which they kept hidden in their yam sticks. When the weather was cold people came to them and begged for the fire, but they refused to share it with anyone. Among those who were rejected was Wahn the Crow. He discovered that they were fond of eating white ants and spent a great deal of the day looking for them. Wahn caught several poisonous snakes and sealed them in a termite nest. He hurried back to the Meamei and told them he had discovered a huge termite hill. The seven sisters followed him and when they reached the termite hill broke it down with the yam sticks. To their dismay the poisonous snakes glided out and darted at them. The Meamei struck at them with their sticks, till the ends broke off and the fire fell on the ground. Wahn quickly snatched the fire and carried it away.

Shortly after the Seven Sisters went up into the sky and became the constellation of the Pleiades. Before they left the went into the mountains and made springs of water to feed the rivers, so that there would be water for men and women for all time.



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