According to tradition, in the Alcheringa a man named Mumumanungara came out of the body Wollunqua and remained with the snake as its mate. When the snake set out upon his travels the man was very distressed for fear lest he should leave Thapauerlu altogether. Accordingly he set out to follow him up, and meeting with him at Ununtumurra walked quietly along by the side of his tracks, and then, standing close to the snake and lifting up his arms, as indicated by the two curved bands attached to the side of the circles and also by the double footmarks, he struck the snake hard with a stick in the endeavor to drive him back to Thapauerlu. The old Wollunqua curled his body round that of Mumumanungara, lifted himself on high, and with a great dive plunged into the earth and went back with his mate to Thapauerlu.



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