A son of Tegeates and Maera, and brother of Leimon. When Apollo and Artemis took vengeance upon those who had ill-treated Leto, while she was wandering about in her pregnancy; and when they came into the country of the Tegeatans, Apollo had a secret conversation with Scephrus. Leimon, suspecting that Scephrus was plotting against him, slew his brother, and Artemis punished the murderer by sudden death.

Tegeates and Maera immediately offered up sacrifices to Apollo and Artemis; but the country was nevertheless visited by a famine, and the god of Delphi ordered that Scephrus should be honored with funereal solemnities. From that time, it is said, a part of the solemnities at the festival of Apollo Agyieus at Tegea, was performed in honor of Scephrus, and the priestess of Artemis pursued a man as Artemis had pursued Leimon.



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