"Sooty." According to Snorri Sturluson, Andhrímnir is the name of the cook who boils the boar Sæhrímnir in the pot Eldhrímnir, in order to feed the einherjar each night. Snorri's interpretation is based on a single stanza in Grímnismál:

In Eldhrimnir
Andhrimnir cooks
Sæhrimnir's seething flesh,—
The best of food,
but few men know
on what fare the warriors feast.
— Bellows trans.
Andhrimnir makes,
in Eldhrimnir,
Sæhrimnir to boil,
of meats the best;
but few know how many
Einherjar it feeds.
— Thorpe trans.

The word hrímnir, appearing in all three names, is derived from the word for soot on a cook pot.



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