Biasd Bealach Odail

"Beast of Odal Pass." An apparition that reportedly haunted the Pass of Odal, from Kylerhea (Caol Reatha) to the Sound of Skye, as the first public road through it was being made. Whatever it was, it did not always appear in the same shape. Sometimes it bore the form of a man, or a one-legged man; at other times it appeared like a greyhound, or a beast prowling about; and sometimes it was heard uttering frightful shrieks, terrifying the workmen. People who traveled through the Pass at night were frequently thrown down and hurt by the apparition, and only with difficulty reached a place of safety.

It ceased its haunting when a man was found dead at the roadside, pierced with two wounds, one on his side and one on his leg, with a hand pressed on each wound. The wounds were considered to be inflicted by something other than human.



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