In Philippine folklore, a monstrous character who looks like a big man who is always laughing, which is explained by the fact that he is happy to have found his next meal. He has one eye in the center of his forehead, and his upper lip is so large that it can cover his whole face. Buñgisñgis is incredibly strong; he is able to pick up a carabao and throw it into the air. He used to carry a huge club, but the weapon was stolen by the hero Suac who used it to vanquish his enemies.

Despite his strength Buñgisñgis is easily outwitted, and in the tale The Three Friends, — The Monkey, the Dog, and the Carabao, Monkey's tricks ultimately lead to the monster's death.

The name is derived from Tagalog root ñgisi, "to show the teeth."



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