The son of Högni, and brother of Bragi and Sigrún. In a battle with Helgi Hundingsbane, all the sons of Högni and all their chiefs were slain, except Dagr, who obtained peace and swore oaths to the Völsungs. His sister Sigrún married Helgi, but Dagr was bound by honor to avenge his father and brother and invoked Odin's help:

Helgi obtained Sigrún, and they had sons. Helgi lived not to be old. Dag, the son of Högni, sacrificed to Odin, for vengeance for his father. Odin lent Dag his spear. Dag met with his relation Helgi in a place called Fiöturlund, and pierced him through with his spear. Helgi fell there, but Dag rode to the mountains and told Sigrún what had taken place.

Sigrún cursed her brother, and he was obliged to live on carrion in the woods.

According to a verse from Kálfsvísa, quoted in Skáldskaparmál, Dagr rode a horse called Drösull ("Roamer").



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