The son of Freyr and Gerðr, according Ynglinga saga. He was the first of his house who was not to be deified. After Freyr's death he ruled over the Swedes and the Upsal domains. He was invited by King Fróði of Zealand to attend a great feast. In the night he went out, but as he was sleepy and exceedingly drunk, he slipped and fell into a vessel of mead and was drowned. Snorri cites a supporting stanza from a poem by the ninth-century skald Þjóðólfr of Hvinir:

In Frode's hall the fearful word,
The death-foreboding sound was heard:
The cry of fey denouncing doom,
Was heard at night in Frode's home.
And when brave Frode came, he found
Swithiod's dark chief, Fjolne, drowned.
In Frode's mansion drowned was he,
Drowned in a waveless, windless sea.



  • Ynglinga saga, 11, 14.