The location of the hall where the righteous shall dwell in perfect bliss after Ragnarök, according to Völuspá:

She a hall sees standing
than the sun brighter,
with gold bedecked, in Gimli:
there shall the righteous
people dwell,
and for evermore
happiness enjoy.

In Gylfaginning, Snorri Sturluson makes this the name of the hall itself. He says, through the figure of Þridi, that all men shall live, such as are just in action, and be with himself in the place called Gimlé. But evil men go to Hel and thence down to the Misty Hel; and that is down in the ninth world. Gimlé is located at the southern end of heaven, and shall stand when both heaven and earth have departed. Snorri later says that the abode is located in Víðbláinn, the third heaven, and that none but the ljósálfar inhabit this mansion now.



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