A young hunter who had fallen in love with one of the Meamei, the Pleiades. He carried her off to be his wife, but the other sisters send cold wintry weather to the earth to force Karambal to release their sister. After this they made their departure into the sky in search of summer, to melt the snow and ice. After this Karambal sought another wife, but the woman he wanted was already married to a great warrior Bullabogabun. With soft words he induced her to run away with him. Their life together was very short. Bullabogabun followed their tracks and speedily overtook them. Karambal abandoned the woman and climbed a tall tree. Bullabogabun set the tree on fire and Karambal was borne up by the flames and rode them into the sky, close to the Meamei. Forgetting all that he had learned, he still pursues them through the sky as the star Aldebaran — the pursuer.



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