"Fruitful." A companion of Odin and Hœnir, mentioned only in Völuspá. When they found on earth the powerless Askr and Embla, Lóðurr gave them blood and ruddiness:

Spirit they possessed not,
sense they had not,
blood nor motive powers,
nor goodly colour.
Spirit gave Odin,
sense gave Hoenir,
blood gave Lodur,
and goodly colour.

Snorri Sturluson in Gylfaginning also recounts the creation of the first human beings, but says that Askr and Embla were shaped out of trees by the sons of Borr, who had found them on the sea-strand.

Lóðurr is possibly an older name for Loki. In two kennings in skaldic verse, Odin is described as Lóðurr's friend, which is consistent with the parallel depiction of Odin as Loki's friend in similar triads of traveling.



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